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"Children, today more than ever, need gentle reminders of what is good and soothing to their souls."


Born in Iran, Jaklen Alkyan is an Assyrian Christian who left her home and emigrated to Germany as a refugee. She then settled in the United States in 1993. 

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University, Stanislaus, as well as a Master's Degree in Education from University of Phoenix. Besides enjoying her career as a well-traveled Human Resources professional, she indulges in creative pursuits–—art, interior design, photography, and had, for many years, dreamed of becoming a writer. 


After sharing her life with her lovebird, Lucy, Jaklen's dream became reality and her journey as an author began. Having a deep affection for pets and children, she decided to combine these two well-loved subjects in her writing, the result being A Lovebird Named Lucy as her literary debut, Audrey and Lucy's Backyard Adventure as her second book, and Audrey's Christmas Wish, her third book in the Audrey and Lucy series.


Jaklen believes children, today more than ever, need gentle reminders of what is good and soothing to their souls. She aspires to create simple worlds that children can relate to, and feel safe in. 

When not at her computer working and writing, Jaklen loves spending time with family and friends. Especially her three beautiful nieces who bring her so much joy and have been the inspiration in her writing of children's books.

Jaklen lives in Los Angeles, California.

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