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Interviews, podcasts and media mentions for author Jaklen Alkyan.


  • Jaklen Alkyan, along with her book, A Lovebird Named Lucy are featured in the November 2020 issue of KidlioMag. 

  • Jaklen's second book, Audrey & Lucy's Backyard Adventure, is a featured review and recommendation. Read the review here.

  • Jaklen is interviewed in a Q & A session that highlights her inspirations behind her published children's books, A Lovebird Named Lucy and Audrey and Lucy's Backyard Adventure. Read the interview here.


Dope and Damaged Podcast

Jaklen shares the back story of her life as an Assyrian refugee, pursuing her dream of becoming an author after years of working in the corporate world, and being inspired by her three nieces to write children's stories.

The Yakking Show Interview

Jaklen Alkyan talks to Peter Wright and Kathleen Beauvais about her book, A Lovebird Named Lucy, moving to new countries as a child and teenager, succeeding in a new environment and much more.

Shamiram Media Interview

Jaklen speaks to Maryam Shamalta​ about her inspiration for writing A Lovebird Named Lucy.

Cigar Titans

talk about cigar sizes AND Jaklen's book, A Lovebird Named Lucy. A fun VLOG you don't want to miss.

Casual Convo Friday

Jaklen talks with Tisha Marie Enterprises and Nathan Flood about being a two-time author, and answers questions about what prompted her to write children's books around her busy schedule as an HR professional.

Hope Street Family Donation

As a board member of the The Iranian American Lawyer's Association, Jaklen generously donated 75 of her children's books, placing a copy in each one of the 75 baskets the Association donated for distribution to Hope Street students. Read more about it here.

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