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A gallery of author Jaklen Alkyan's recent book signing events. Stay up to date on Jaklen's upcoming events here. To enquire about bookings or to book an event, visit the Contact page. 

Barnes & Noble

Glendale Americana at Brand / September & December 2022

Barnes & Noble

Modesto, CA / September 2022

Barnes & Noble

Manhattan Beach, CA / July 2022

Barnes & Noble

Montclair, CA / July 2022

Assyrian Food Festival

Tarzana, CA / May 2022

St. Rabban Homizd Assyrian Church of the East

El Cajon, CA / April 2022

Barnes & Noble

Huntington Beach, CA / April 2022

Mar Addai Parish

Turlock, CA / April 2022 - The author's hometown parish

Barnes & Noble

Grove Los Angeles / March 2022

Mrs. Fig's Bookworm Bookstore

Camarillo, CA / March 2022

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

Northridge, CA / November 2021

Jaklen presented her published works side by side with Victoria Johnson, illustrator of her books.

St. Mary's Assyrian Church

Jaklen Alkyan's first book signing event was at St. Mary's Assyrian Church, Tarzana, California. The first of many events for three of her published books.

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