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Lucy Flied Away
Lucy is Lost


Love comes in all shapes and sizes. This story is about how I lost and then found my lovebird, Lucy.

Every person has a unique relationship with their pets. To some of us, our pets are our best friends. To others, they are like children. One thing we all have in common is that our pets are precious and loved members of the family. My love for Lucy was just that. It began the day I met her and developed into a very special bond.

On a visit with my parents in Turlock, California, while Lucy and I were in the backyard, she got out of her cage and flew away! I was devastated and immediately began searching for her. Fortunately, with tears of joy, Lucy and I were reunited!

A Lovebird Named Lucy is the tale of how we met; how she was lost, then found. It tells of our deep bond and the community effort to find her and bring her home.

Sadly, a short year after Lucy was found, she succumbed to cancer and I lost her again. It was then that I decided to write Lucy's story; the story of a very special lovebird. I decided to write it from a child's perspective, for children to enjoy. Through my story, may Lucy fly again into the hearts of others.



A gallery of photos that inspired the illustrations for Lucy's story. Enjoy these delightful images and tell your friends and family about Lucy!

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