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Lucy finally found her forever home. She wanted to show her new mommy, Audrey, all the great things she can do and flew out of her cage! Realizing she's lost, Lucy searches high and low for Audrey while Audrey, with friends and family by her side, searches for her long lost Lucy. Will Audrey and Lucy be together again? Find out in this charming literary debut based on a true story that will delight children of all ages.



Purple Dragonfly First Place Winner for Children's Non-Fiction

Mom's Choice Level 1 Gold Award

Reader's Choice 5-Star Review



Beautiful Children's Book

This is the perfect book to read to little ones. The story is great and the illustrations are just beautiful. My little girl was so excited to open up her package and immediately was captured by the beautiful “birdie”. Can’t wait to read it to her.


Based On a True Story 

Highly Recommend

While reading this story to our twin girls, we were able to picture ourselves inside the story. The love for the bird was truly expressed in this easy to read children’s book. It’s a great way to get young children to understand the relationship between owners and their pets. I highly recommend this children’s book.

—Alysa Grossman


A delightful story with focus on the deep connection individuals have with their pets. A tale of developing a deep bondthe kind we can relate to. True, it's a children's book; but, all grown-ups were once children. It took me back to my childhood and reminded me of my special pet bird. Touching and beautiful. A perfect gift for Easter Baskets!

—Suzanna Abrahamian

Great Story For Children

This book became a staple to my 6 year old son's reading progress. He was absorbed into the story and made it easier for him to stay focused and make progress on his reading skills. I lost count of how many times we've read it. I'm glad to add this to our children's library!

—Kindle customer

Adorable Book!

This is such an adorable book! It is a heartwarming true story. My two children 8 and 5 years old absolutely adored it! My daughter is in love with Lucy now. It's Beautifully illustrated. I highly recommend it!

—Marcela Perez

Bought This Book For My Virtual

Preschool Program

I bought this book for my virtual preschool program and I invited the author, Jaklen to read it for my students . My students loved it . The story is great and the illustrations are just beautiful. It teaches everyone to not give up and always have hope. My 7 years old son also told me that the book touched his heart and it made him happy that Lucy found his mother


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